SOVJET SUBLIMINAL SEDUCTION genre=experimental rock music
POL MOD POL genre=noise music
REVERSE COLLECTIVE genre=sound performance



Mikko Mansikkala Jensen has always gone to great pains to underline, that the music he makes with his solo project Soviet Subliminal Seduction, is rock.

The numbers in Soviet Subliminal Seduction are a part of the familiar guitar-bass-and-drum-tradition, but are reproduced with artificial digital sounds produced by virtual instruments, and sound quite simply wrong, but nonetheless in just the right way. Through this insistence on the use of compositional structures from one genre, thereafter realising them with tools and approaches from a totally different one, Mikko Mansikkala Jensen has created his own dislocated parallel style that is neither one or the other, or for that matter an actual mixture.

It began as a showdown with electronic music’s polished clinical
expression and the wider understanding of computer music, and her Soviet Subliminal Seduction could have lost itself in being a concept for it’s own sake. But Mikko Mansikkala Jensen is a man who also in purely musical terms brings forth a constant stream of remarkable ideas. Not alone does the form challenge normal understanding of how computer music should sound, but the entire compositional vision is spectacular in itself.

Soviet Subliminal Seduction stands for an insistent and aggressive rock, where abrupt breaks, surprising shifts and curling noisy melody lines tangle with each other, accompanied by an extremely well controlled rhythm section. The aim is to surprise, tease and, none the least, blow people away. Here we have ultra catchy guitar melodies, ingenious rhythm staggering and spacey repetitious riffs, psychedelic blurring and aggressive noise. Sources of inspiration are 90’s noiserock, 70’s kraut rock and 60’s psychedelic rock. Additionally a traditional verse/chorus structure seems very far away.

Check out the old school!
Here are some tracks from the "noise-era" of Soviet Subliminal Seduction:

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Note The Moose
The last noise track I made with SSS. Taken from the Embrace The Boogie Blast Master CD-R.

Kys Björnen
Taken from the deleted split 7" with Kummerlige Forhold. Rereleased on the Embrace The Boogie Blast Master CD-R.