SOVJET SUBLIMINAL SEDUCTION genre=experimental rock music
POL MOD POL genre=noise music
REVERSE COLLECTIVE genre=sound performance



di-fusion is a live & online open-platform happening for creative expression and action. The happening will simultaneously occupy global network spaces and a local physical space with collaborative performance, sound, music, DJ/VJ, and video events. We will be streaming audio and video during the entire 24 hours as well as hosting a variety of local and remote activities. Several global locations will be networked with us as well.

09:00 18.April - 09:00 19.April.2003 (GMT-6) Boulder
11:00 18.April - 11:00 19.April.2003 (GMT-4) New York
16:00 18.April - 16:00 19.April.2003 (GMT+1) London
17:00 18.April - 17.00 19 April 2003 (GMT+2) Aarhus
18:00 18.April - 18:00 19.April.2003 (GMT+3) Helsinki
20:30 18.April - 20:30 19.April.2003 (GMT+5:30) New Delhi
01:00 19.April - 01:00 20.April.2003 (GMT+10) Sydney

live location:
Sibell-Wolle Fine Arts Building, Techne Labs - N274/5
University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, USA

(check the web site for the latest schedule and connection info)

audio/video stream:

the web site details the ways you can connect with us live.
join us!

IRC server/channel (newnet): #di-fusion (,,,,,

Habbo Hotel room: <di>fusion pad

iVisit room: Education / Universities / More Rooms / di-fusion

di-fusion: deployed as neoscenes occupation project #5 -- designed to bring together people, networks, learning, and creative action. more info may be found at

di-fusion: launched by the TECHNE practice-based research initiative at the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA, and is brought to you by the students in the FINE-4126 Advanced Digital Art course in collaboration with their teacher, visiting artist, John Hopkins.